With Openers Two Feet and Betty Who
Allstate Arena
Rosemont ILL
Mon 2/4/19

Brendon Urie and his band Panic! at the Disco, live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, bringing with him all the necessary fire, a floating piano, and let’s just say enough theatrical flair to fill up a residency in Las Vegas.
This is Panic! at the Disco’s second leg of their current “Pray for the Wicked” tour: the first time through Chicago was at the United Center back in 2018.
Not much has changed since the first time through town, some minor tweaks here and there, adjustments to the setlist and such.
Outside of that, there’s still plenty to make this an electrifying rock show.
This is a Brendon Urie show based on high speed, high energy, and doing your damned best to reach out to those folks who were lucky to get tickets, and yet find themselves all the way back in sections 214 and 215.
You can tell that Brendon wants to make sure everyone in the arena is having a good time, and standing for the entire show.
A Panic! at the Disco show is incredibly fast paced, one number to the next, not much chit chat to start out, but considering this is a physical workout for Brendon, lots of refreshments are ready for him on the drum riser between songs.
Even when Brendon drops down into the crowd to navigate to the back of the main floor and get set into his floating piano- it’s whizz bang, and onto the next song.
Honestly, the only time I saw Brendon the whole night take a breath and soak in all the applause was when all the rainbow flags adorned the stage for him to pick up and drape around his neck.
It was a poignant moment in the show, addressing the LGBTQ community, letting them know that you’re not alone, that you’re welcome, and that it’s ok to feel awkward, and yet feel loved.
And then off to the anthem and rallying cry “Girls/Girls/Boys”, while rainbow- colored confetti rained down to one and all inside the arena, and the word “Love” was ever present on the backstage and giant LED screens.
A Panic! at the Disco show is a giant whizz bang full of excitement production from beginning to end, with Brendon Urie front and center, surrounding himself with top notch musicians, and a top notch production to make it forever stamped in your memory banks.
I certainly hope my pictures leave that impression with you as well.
The least I can do when trying to cover a Panic! at the Disco show.
Openers Two Feet (Bill Dess), covered ground with some covers, with ambient beats in the background, quiet lead vocal and blues guitar. Have to see more of Bill Dess before I make a valid opinion.
Having said that- Two Feet should’ve opened the show, building up top the voracious Betty Who, who actually did open the show.
Little time for this sexy performer to convince the crowd she’s worth remembering: let’s just say in her brief set, with synchronized and flashy dance moves, with some catchy songs and backup dancers to push her show a little further.
All n’ all, a splendid time was had by all the entire evening.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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