Friday 10/18/19

Starcrawler are a Los Angeles based rock band who formed a little over two years ago when lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde met drummer Austin Smith. Shortly thereafter, she found guitarist Henri Cash at her Echo Park High School and LA native Tim Franco, who plays bass. They play with a multitude of styles and influences- technically all over the place, with squalling and heavy riffs along with thundering beats, mixed in with their incendiary live performances.
Fronted by the magnetic stage presence from Arrow de Wilde, who brings unpredictability to her live performances, and a guitarist in Henri Cash who knows keenly how to provoke with wailing guitar riffs this way and that, which makes their performance at JBTV that much more enthralling on a friday afternoon with an intimate crowd.
Starcrawlers is bringing back ’70’s rock with a vengeance, mixed with some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some Cramps and whatnot.
On their latest release “Devour You”, Starcrawler captures that dynamic with a whole new precision and unpredictable upgrade, revealing their rare ability to find a fragile beauty even in blindsided chaos.
This was a performance at JBTV Music Television not to be missed.
An 8 song set- ending with Arrow de Wilde storming off the stage, mixing it up on the main floor in the crowd, and crawling all the way back to the Green Room in exhaustion.
Outrageous? Yes.
A performance to be remembered for years to come? Yes again, like so many other mighty fine JBTV performance from days passed.
Cheers-  Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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