Rehearsals at Fort Knox Studios
Tues 11/12/19

Martin Atkins and Pigface are back, and rehearsing their asses off just days away from commencing on their three week North American tour.
Virtually on the day I was there at Fort Knox Studios almost everyone’s present, minus Randy Blythe, Danny Carey, and a few others.
The song selections for practice range from the hard hitting (which you’d expect), and then remarkably the gentle kind as well.
Not to give anything away of course, because Pigface has to be seen to be believed, and also when witnessing the rehearsals over the years firsthand, it’s absolutely amazing how this merry band of merry makers makes this music collective come together.
Keep in mind that Martin reactivated Pigface a few years back as a one off, with a splendid show at the House of Blues Chicago.
This incarnation is a full- on tour, plenty of dates heading to the east coast, then down south, ending with a couple shows at Thalia Hall in Chicago.
Now that’s saying something.
Everyone’s so friendly and jovial, taking there turns sharing vocal duties and such.
Chris Connelly comes into the studio at his allotted time, does his scheduled four songs, works them over and under and in between with no time wasted, says his goodbyes and is on his merry way. Just like that.
Badda boom- badda bing.
And so it goes with this rehearsal with Pigface, knocking out the songs that are ion demand, knocking out the songs that are relevant.
So, what else can I say but don’t miss this, and the dates remaining on this memorable Pigface tour.
And I for one, can’t wait to hangout and document the shenanigans with Martin, Mary, Chris, Curse, En Esch, Lesley, Charles, Dirk, Bobdog, Orville, Randy, Danny, Greta, Gaelynn, Leanne, Bruce, and whoever else decides to show up for the shows at Thalia Hall.
Hail hail to all things Pigface!
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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