PIGFACE at THALIA HALL (Cliff Notes Version)

Sat 11/30/19

This is an abbreviated post of all things PIGFACE from Thalia Hall in Chicago.
An actual gargantuan post will follow soon, along with a separate edition from soundcheck with the members of PIGFACE, and also another separate post containing performances from the openers I Ya Toyah and Gaelynn Lea Tressler.
Even this abbreviated post of PIGFACE was an undertaking, 5 days passed since the show at Thalia Hall, and over 140 photos or so posted.
How many photos total from the event? Over 2,500.
And honestly, not at all bad.
All crisp and clean, documenting the wickedness that is PIGFACE performing live.
Of course, a special thank you to the one and only maestro of all things PIGFACE: Martin Atkins, for allowing me into the circus and under the tent to document the entire day with all members and family of PIGFACE, along with the most helpful cast and crew of Thalia Hall- splendid chaps all.
So, coming full circle, I had to get something up from the show, fast and quick.
Thus I hope this will calm everyone down until the full throttle post with all things PIGFACE, which should hopefully be up and running soon.
Feel free to share away the photos now published.
Plenty of full group shots, and individual players.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer


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