Gaelynn Lea & I Ya Toyah: Support for PIGFACE

Support for Pigface: Gaelynn Lea and I Ya Toyah
Thalia Hall Chicago
Sat 11/30/19

Gaelynn Lea and I Ya Toyah: both independent free spirited musicians, with a lot to offer, even with rather abbreviated sets opening for the juggernaut known as PIGFACE, from Thalia Hall in Chicago.
Took some time and doing to get the support acts edited and ready to go for posting for this latest blog entry  from the PIGFACE show- but well worth it in the long run, since there was a total of over 1400 images to sift through for each individual entry to document the PIGFACE experience.
As for Gaelynn Lea?
What can I say.
She’s a treasure.
When she performs live, even for such a raucous band such as PIGFACE, you can hear a pin drop. The hushed silence from the PIGFACE faithful is truly awe inspiring in itself: so respectful and supportive for her live performance.
Gaelynn Lea’s mission: “To grow as a performer, public speaker, and entrepreneur while maintaining her values of integrity, kindness, respect, and understanding.”
Gaelynn certainly encapsulates all of this and more.
Even when arriving rather late to Thalia Hall, and really not having much of a soundcheck prior to performing after I Ya Toyah’s set, she still proceeded with dignity and integrity intact, with not much fuss or worry.
And it was well worth the wait, her set encompassing her fiddle with some effect delays from her wheelchair, and that majestic voice of hers resonating throughout her performance.
Gaelynn Lea’s musical reach is so comforting and welcoming, transformative and life changing.
As for Ania Tarnowska, otherwise known by her stage name I Ya Toyah, who opened the show at Thalia Hall: she’s also a life force of independent resolve, with a magnetic stage presence all by her lonesome that truly captivates.
She certainly dresses the part, with fire engine red hair, and her gothy outewear. But make no mistake- her music is bewitching, accompanied only by occasional electric guitar and the use of synths.
And her vocal range is powerhouse front and center, very physical as her music demands, and doesn’t break or sound weak when hitting the high notes.
I Ya Toyah’s music is written, recorded and performed all by herself, which says a lot in regards to her direction and approach to the darkwave underworld.
I Ya Toyah definitely commands your attention, without a doubt.
I certaInly hope my images from her performance at Thalia Hall reflect that.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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