Plus Special Guests:  HARMS WAY
House of Vans Chicago on Valentine’s Day
Friday 2/14/20

House of Vans Chicago celebrates Lamb of God and the release of their single “Checkmate” and the official announcement of their new album.
Lamb of God did a surprise performance at House of Vans Chicago on Valentine’s Day, and without a doubt, proceeded with a searing and blistering performance more akin to their large shed and arena performances.
To have Lamb of God perform in the intimate House of Vans, to a packed house with superb audio and lighting, and let alone a crowd that knows how to make a gigantic mosh pit within seconds of any song Lamb of God performs, says much of the band and their devoted following.
Along with Lamb of God’s performance, there was also a photography exhibition that showcased photos from Randy Blythe, lead singer of Lamb of God, some of which are featured on the new Lamb of God album artwork.
Founded in 1994 (can you believe that?) by Virginia Commonwealth University students Chris Adler (drums) and John Campbell (bass), Lamb of God has continued to hold court and trailblaze through the metal community for well over 25 years, all the time pushing forward with fierce and downright gnarly metal, with skull crushing grooves such as 2004’s “Ashes of the Wake”, into 2010 and their release “Resolution”, to the present day, and the mighty fine release of their new single “Checkmate”, which continues the heavy hitting vein of yore.
Talk about loyalty to this band: the crowd who RSVP’d in advance for this special performance, started forming at around 2pm, braving 20 degrees cold, all wearing some form of Lamb of God merch, whether it be metal vests over a coat, or just a simple long sleeve t shirt.
Now that’s devotion for a Valentine’s Day event.
Opening with the blisteringly awesome “Laid to Rest’, and then tearing into “Now you’ve Got Something to Die For”, into “Ruin”, and then of course “Walk With Me in Hell”…now you get the drift.
The temperature inside the venue at House of Vans? A

pproaching 100 degrees, mostly because of heavy strobe lighting, and of course moshpit frenzy amped up to eleven.
An unforgettable set from beginning to end, with Randy Blythe jumping high with might time and time again from the mini riser center stage.
Chicago’s  Harms Way, brought their brand of physical hardcore metal, to the delight of the Lamb of God faithful, with moshpits opening up repeatedly for them as well, acting as a warmup for the headliners.
Harm’s Way equals sonically insane, with heavy beats, heavy guitar, and heavy singing courtesy of James Pligge.
Bleak themes permeate this hardcore band, and yet there’s truth in all the might.
Suffice it to say this was a special show, a special performance, with Lamb of God reminding us yet again the importance and the relevance of their sound in this day and age.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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