Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Paul McCartney, and his “Freshen Up” tour, which is basically an extension of his “One on One” tour, which- never gets old.
The Freshen Up tour is a concert tour by the one and only Paul McCartney, which commenced in the middle of September 2018.
The tour was the first tour for Paul McCartney after the release of his latest album of new material, “Egypt Station”.
The setlist for Freshen Up still remains on the heavy, with the boatload of classics ever present, along with Wings material, his solo – solo stuff, and of course- The Beatles.
The band- still the same and as strong as ever: Rusty Anderson on backing vocals, electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Brain Ray on backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and occasional bass, Paul Wickens on backing vocals, an assortment of keyboards, electric guitar, bongos and some percussion along with harmonica, and of course the mighty Abe Laboriel, Jr, on backing vocals, drums and percussion.
The setlist- hefty and heavy, starting with “A Hard Day’s Night”, into “Junior’s Farm”, “All My Loving”, “Letting Go”, “Who Cares”, “Got to get You Into My Life”, “Come On to Me”, “Let Me Roll It”, “I’ve Got a Feeling”, “Let ‘Em In”, “My Valentine”, “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, “In Spite of All the Danger”, and now I’m exhausted, and there’s still over double the amount on the setlist I’m not even getting to.
That says something about Paul McCartney, his stamina to go day in and day out with a setlist comprising over 38 songs in total.
“Maybe I’m Amazed?” How about definitely we’re amazed.
The almost three hour set made fans (like me) feel like we’re back in the seventies with the hits- and the wonderment of it all, and man- time just zips right on by to the present.
Oh, we are so lucky to have this guy still around, healthy (knock on wood), and most of all performing, but most of all performing with enthusiasm.
So what you see here photo wise, is Part l. There’s just so many, especially when granted permission to shoot the entire show.
Hope you enjoy this first set of pictures of Paul McCartney.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer


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