Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, Indiana

So here’s Part ll with Paul McCartney and his band, during his “Freshen Up” tour, form Fort Wayne Indiana.
Part ll is special with Paul McCartney, because technically it’s devoted to one of the main standouts in his setlist: “Live and Let Die”.
The song dates back to 1973, and as far as James Bond theme songs go- in my opinion, it ranks up there with some of the greats.
Back in the day, the song peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and also was the highest charting Bond theme at that time.
It’s such a grandiose tune, with gentle melody countered with outright bombast, which was all done in good taste.
This is partly the reason it still holds up to the present day, the theme of the song relating to everyone within earshot, about surviving, and “giving the other guy hell”.
The song was recorded while Paul’s band at the time, Wings, was completing their “Red Rose Speedway” album. They finished the song in one day believe it or not, with the help of an orchestra, and production from the one and only George Martin.
The song is an absolute delight to photograph live, as the song slowly builds up to a sudden and fiery explosion of instruments, coupled equally explosive and yet tasteful pyrotechnics, worthy of Rammstein and Slayer, kid you not.
Although Rammstein and Slayer have multiple varieties of pyro at their disposal, Paul McCartney levels the playing field with shock and awe only for this one song while in performance.
So if you’re gonna bring the goods, and the local fire marshals approve of whatever town Paul is playing in- you might as well go full cannonball, and dive into the deep end of the pool.
This is a song like a joker box full of surprises.
So, have to photograph to the best of my ability the ear shattering pyrotechnic display front and center, and relish in the fact that the outcome of said song, and the documentation of it, in my opinion, looks well and good.
It’s a song that deserves it’s own tribute in a post such as this, and not buried at the bottom of a feed where the photos most likely would be overlooked.
Furthermore, towards the end of the song, when that one note hangs in the air like carpet bomb smoke from an air raid, you see Paul McCartney smiling gleefully, ringing in his ears, basking in the applause and craziness of it all.
Surprisingly, it continues to be tough to beat within Paul’s 38 song set.
So here’s the tribute to Paul McCartney, his band, diving head first into “Live and Let Die”.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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