A Night at the PPIM with Chris Connelly

A Night at the PPIM with Chris Connelly
Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music
A Founders Only Performance
Friday September 3rd 2021

A Night at the PPIM with Chris Connelly- short for Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music-
An event for Founders Only, with limited in person seating, and a Zoom feed for the ones not in person.
Have to say the whole event from beginning to end was quite entertaining.
Cases in point-
Martin starting the discussion with why he started his use of horizontal black and white striped long sleeve shirts- (It involves Scottish musician Alex Harvey, frontman of course from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and his use of the horizontal black and white striped long sleeve shirts as well)-
And Chris Connelly, with his insightful book readings, interpreting lyrics from his long history and catalog of bands and solo performances-
With brief stops along the way, with discussions involving Telly Savales, and trying to get Sire records to come up with $10,000 for Telly to appear in a Revolting Cocks video-
Or how about Chris talking about REVCO tours in general, and mentioning opening act Mentors on one particular tour, and saying how “Awful- awful they were to deal with” – El Duce, their drummer and vocalist in particular- (I would throw in the word despicable as well)-
And well, you get the idea.
And how about Martin darting from the back of the main room to quickly join in with Chris for a mad interpretation of the song “Murder Inc”, which for this photographer’s opinion like the whole evening – was magical.
More of this kind of improv and free wheeling was evident for the entire hour that Chris was up front and center.
The bulk of the presentation was from Chris and his reading from “Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible & Fried: My Life as a Rev.Co”,
Hence the stop / starts throughout to try to explain things a bit further from what was obviously a mad mad time in his life (and ours too- those that survived the craziness of the eighties into the early nineties).
I hope the pictures reflect the intimacy and overall vibe of the event, let alone the intriguing atmosphere that is the Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music- a venue that is welcoming for die hards and nostalgia buffs alike, with so many artifacts and such that not an inch of space is wasted without coming into eye contact with something eye popping form the glorious hey day of these genres of music.
Hope you like the pictures everybody.
Cheers – Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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