Bobby Talamine is one of the premiere Rock n’ Roll photographers in the country. He has photographed virtually every notable musical act since 1977, including bands and artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, The Police, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Prince, Tool, The Who, and on and on. Bobby’s images appear regularly in national magazines, newspapers, and books.

Yes, he does shoot state-of-the-art digital, with top-of-the-line Nikon equipment. But really‚Ķwhat’s the rush? Can he get top quality images out yesterday to meet your demands? Absolutely. Thousands and thousands of them. But if you have a day’s patience, you’d get prints, both from digital and film.

It goes beyond performance photography. Bobby also shoots portraits of artists, as well as backstage meet-and-greets, all with the utmost quality and care.

Keep in mind, it’s his relaxed presence, along with years and years of experience, that allows for such one-of-a-kind images to come forth. This is precisely why he’s always on the short list of go-to photographers in the music industry.

Bobby has also worked extensively with Cirque Du Soleil over the years, since he has such fondness for their touring troupe.

So get to know him. Contact him. Question his deep knowledge of musical acts and backgrounds, his massive stock photo catalog of artists…you won’t be disappointed.

To date 3,000 artists and counting…

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  1. Ernst says:

    Howdy. We met a few months ago at the Goth Meetup that Scary Lady Sarah had in the 1901 theatre. How’s life been? I see you’re still living the awesome life with people like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, The Who, and New Order.

  2. Stuart Holland says:

    Hello Bobby,
    My name is Stuart Holland and I’m a huge fan off Scottish band Simple Minds and people who photograph them so beautifully.

    So many years ago I was forced to spend most off my days stuck in bed due to very poor health. Hence, My depression and anxiety got so bad I got it into my head that I was a burden to my family and maybe they would be better off if I wasn’t here. But talking to my family and other people I knew this was wrong and I had to fix it by keeping my mind occupied. So what better than a band who have been in my life for over 40 years now.

    What I wanted to do was find photographers like yourself who have came up with beautiful pictures of the band and ask them kindly if they would like to donate a signed picture of their work to me so I can treasure them forever (off course I will cover any costs if you wish).
    I’m starting to build a great collection and would dearly love to add one off yours to my collection. Which ever picture you decide as I love them all.

    If you decide from the kindness of your heart to help, I would love a picture with a small white border upon were you can add your signature please. It doesn’t matter about the size as I’ve had them sent as large as A4 but A5 is a nice size.

    I don’t even know if you’ll help or even get this message. But I have to at least try.
    But please understand this is your choice and I will understand totally with whatever you decide. I just want you to know that I don’t ask just anyone, I have to love their work first.

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to my story. And I look forward to your reply.

    Please take care and keep safe,
    Stuart Holland.

    (Just in case miracles do happen)

    Stuart Holland
    79 Adams Drive,
    TD15 2JQ.

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