Opening for Twin Tribes and She Past Away
Thalia Hall Chicago
Wednesday 12/1/21

Wingtips – from Thalia Hall Chicago:

Wingtips – from Thalia Hall Chicago:
I thought I’d take my time and get these live photos just right of Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon of Wingtips.
That- and also I thought it wise to separate the photos from the other two main bands on the bill- headliners She Past Away and also Twin Tribes.
I’ll run that post tomorrow from Twin Tribes and She Past Away.
Now that all of that’s out of the way- the focus should be on Wingtips – from Thalia Hall Chicago.
Both Hannah and Vincent have consistently elevated their game performance wise over the past few years, with terrific songwriting along with confidence in performance.
Such a magical night was this- all three bands on the bill, along with Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith (The Pirate Twins) providing ultra cool ambience before and between sets with fine selections of music throughout.
Wingtips- performing on the strength of their latest release- “Cutting Room Floor” which was released back in early September certainly amped up their game with sonic dreampop and heavy melody, making the interior main room of Thalia Hall reverberate with sonic majesty.
I mean that sincerely- mainly because you like how they’ve grown as musicians as well as performers, and you want them to succeed.
The Chicago faithful know this as well, simply because even though Wingtips were openers on this bill, they still showed up in droves to catch their set.
And from my vantage point, even though I arrived a bit late to Thalia coming from another show across town- I was amazed at how packed the main floor was for their set.
That in itself is so gratifying.
You gotta love Chicago’s music community, even on a Wednesday night, supporting local artists of merit, and giving them their love and support.
And as for the whole evening- the common thread- was duos.
All three bands.
And the wall of sound from all three- all uniquely different in presentation and on songwriting and performance.
With Hannah and Vincent of Wingtips in particular- everything is so multi textured and layered gloriously, with the pair sharing vocal duties when needed, and Hannah providing the underbelly of heavy synths and moods, with Vincent interspersed with dreamy lead guitar and pristine lead vocal.
Again, I’m doing my best not to embellish anything here in this short review from Thalia- this is exactly how I remembered their show from my head, along with some notes from my memo book to refer back to.
Both Hannah and Vincent are commanding presences, looking dutifully at one another throughout whichever song for communal mood, providing an uplifting reciprocation from the faithful dancing in space on the main floor of Thalia.
From my vantage point on the main floor, this encompassed their entire set.
That should tell you lots- that Wingtips – from Thalia Hall Chicago, opening for Twin Tribes and She Past Away, are going places.
I wish them nothing but more success going through 2022 and beyond.
As for me, I’ll do my part in contributing photo wise as much as I can.
Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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