with MELVINS & COVEN, along with opener HEAVY TEMPLE
House of Vans Chicago
Sat, October 30, 2021

Hallowolfbat 2021 with Melvins & Coven, at the House of Vans in Chicago- and it does not disappoint.
Like the Hallowolfbat of 2019, with headliner The Hu, it’s very much a visual feast upon the doors opening for the event, with magnificent creatures on display and designed by Hallowolfbat’s creator- Dennis McNett.
You’ve got the gamut with Dennis- Giant wolves, giant dragons, clearly over eight feet tall, and moveable. Moveable to go into the crowd for each performance, from the openers Heavy Temple, into the headliner Melvins.
And the staff assisting with the moveable creatures are also in full regalia costumes.
In regards to Dennis McNett- he’s a conceptual visual artist from Austin Texas.
He’s done quite a few Hallowolfbats before, but for the city of Chicago, this is his second.
Dennis has shown his splendid and oh so creative creatures internationally. His art openings range from museum installations to surreal processions as well- and always drawing an enraptured crowd.
I bring this up because of House of Vans Chicago, and how lucky we are to have Dennis McNett’s creatures on full display yet again, with a stellar lineup on Halloween weekend, with Melvins, Coven and Heavy Temple.
Melvins, who headlined Hallowolfbat, were in full force, courtesy of frontman Buzz Osborne, aka King Buzzo.
The man can’t help himself, no matter the size of the stage or the intimate venue. He stalks the stage menacingly, and convincingly, making it his own sacred territory for bursts of feedback followed by strain vocal.
A 14 song set ensued, opening with “The Kicking Machine”, into “it’s Shoved”, Into “Queen”.
“Queen- one of my all time favorites from Melvins, as punishing as all get out.
And from there. Melvins bring “Billy Fish”, and “Charlie”, which is a Redd Kross cover.
So you get the gist- Melvins are cranked up to eleven, and enjoying every minute of it.
Melvins, also with drummer Dale Crover, who still is as punishing and relentless as ever, along with bassist Steven Shane McDonald, pack a wallop as a trio.
And on Halloween weekend at House of Vans, they certainly have the look and feel of all things celebratory.
A great set by Melvins.
And then there’s the one and only Jinx Dawson of Coven, who still convincingly knows how to put on a show, and celebrate all things Black Mass.
Things start out right on schedule with “Satanic Mass”, with Jinx carried in onto the stage while inside an enclosed coffin, handled with care with two aids left and right, and going through the motions of spells and otherworldly matters, then opening the coffin to allow the queen to come forth, majestically dressed in all black, and with a sinister and bejeweled face mask that’s just so riveting.
No offense to Melvins- I’m here for all things Jinx Dawson and Coven.
Once the House of Vans and Jinx made the announcement of playing at Hollowolfbat at House of Vans Chicago- was so stoked in advance to cover this special performance.
Have been waiting years to righteously cover Jinx Dawson and Coven, and because of schedule conflicts, and being out of town on occasion, our paths unfortunately haven’t crossed, which for me, has been most unfortunate.
Until now, for this special night at House of Vans, for Hallowolfbat.
So you can bet I’m going to cover Jinx and her band Coven from beginning to end, and I’m going to take my time to get the photos just right, and make them memorable and unforgettable.
What a splendid set – with iconic songs such as “Black Sabbath”, “Black Swan”, “Wicked Woman”, and so many more.
Of course Skull makes an appearance a third of the way through the set, along with a majestic and lit up lantern, and a cool yellow / orange orb, in which Jinx, with all three, she holds prominently and with affection.
As for Jinx- her vocals are strong and forthright throughout, and Jinx looks beautiful and healthy, not anything like her seventy years- much younger looking if you ask me.all things rock n’ roll and the occult.
And done with such sophistication and class- making it feel participatory.
Hallowofbat 2021 with Melvins & Coven – and opener Heavy Temple- did not disappoint.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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