Thursday April 14, 2022

The Charles Levi Benefit Rehearsal, at the one and only Liar’s Club on Fullerton in Chicago- a special event for the VIP’s to gather in celebration prior to the actual benefit a day later at the Metro Chicago.
As it said on the invite, courtesy of ringleader Chris Harris:
“Dress rehearsal performances, surprises, exclusive DJ sets, raffle items only available to VIP ticket holders and general insanity!”.
So there ya go.
Had to document the Charles Levi Benefit Rehearsal succinctly, and all that was said on the invite was accurate- not mentioning the word “FUN”.
Because that’s what it was- we were all there to serve a purpose, to celebrate and help and assist any which way we can in the well being of Charles Levi.
Such a good guy Charles Levi- and the support of the Chicago underground rock n’ roll community is truly one of a kind.
So from the invite to the Charles Levi Benefit Rehearsal in a little more detail: As far as Dress Rehearsal Performances, we had the band Final Cut rehearsing, along with Chris Harris and Project .44, and yes- their were surprises, what with the guys from Stabbing Westward stopping by to hang for a bit, along with exclusive DJ sets from Stabbing Westward’s Walter Flakus, along with DJ Scary Lady Sarah- who both provided amazing setlists to add to the overall ambience and mood throughout the event.
The raffle items for the Charles Levi Benefit Rehearsal were cool too, with swag from the Liar’s Club, along with various items autographed by members of bands and alumni involved in the actual benefit- you know- that sorta thing.
As far as “general Insanity”- well yes. All you have to know to understand that is where the benefit was located- that being Liar’s Club in general, what with the overall cool vibe of the place, let alone the people that were there in support of Charles Levi.
So all n’ all- I hope my pictures do justice to the rehearsal, and to Chris Harris, who was in charge in getting both the rehearsal and the actual benefit off the ground for both nights, let alone to the bands, Walter Flakus and Scary Lady Sarah.
A thoroughly enjoyable time- that’s for sure- in all things of support Charles Levi, and to help any which way possible in his medical bills and recovery.
Cheers-  Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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