Riot Fest – Douglas Park Chicago
Saturday 9/15/18

The band Conflict playing at Riot Fest 2018 was a pleasant surprise when the lineup and schedule was originally announced.
Have to say seeing my dear friends William Faith and Preston Maddox- contributors to the mighty cause of all things Conflict just added extra excitement to the day’s festivities.
Like all major festivals that play in Chicago: there’s no predicting the weather.
From previous experiences from the Riot Fest past: mostly having to deal with days of rain and cold temperatures.
Not the case with Riot Fest 2018.
It was hot, blazing hot for Day Two of Riot Fest, and Conflict was facing directly into the sun for the scheduled time around 5 in the afternoon.
Looked like the poor guys in Conflict were melting as the show progressed.
Adding to that, a gigantic circle mosh pit opened up midway through Conflict’s set.
This was Anarcho- Punk at its best, even in the blazing sun.
I’m under the opinion that the less you know about these guys, the better. The original members of Conflict feign the spotlight, contributing the ideal of band first, performance second, and that’s about it.
Kind of like they show up, they play, they leave,
They do have principles to live by, such as their motto: “Conflict. A part of a movement. The movement of all movements. The ungovernable force”.
They are classified as an English anarcho- punk band, but even saying that to lead singer Colin Jerwood might provoke a fight, because you’re classifying the band.
In other words, approach with caution, cameras down at the waist.
They have set up their own record label for releases, called Mortarhate Records, to keep ever in the present, along with merch and such.
The band is clearly outspoken on issues such as anarchism, animal rights also being front and center, to the point clearly made with an animal rights logo on William Faith’s guitar, and also the anti war movement is also near and dear to their heart.
Although Conflict’s set was rather short at under an hour, they did manage to blaze through a set that was invigorating and empowering.
Not much stage banter, not much needed because of the blazing sun and all members dressed in black.
Suffice it to say, Conflict was definitely one of the highlights of Day Two from Riot Fest.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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