Tuesday 2/5/19

Chicago’s very own sibling rock duo White Mystery comes to our intimate studio for a live performance at JBTV Music Television in Chicago.
Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key are White Mystery, without a doubt the baddest sibling Rock n’ Roll duo out there currently performing today.
Since April of 2008, White Mystery have self- released over eight records, have played over a 1000 shows on three continents with the likes of Iggy Pop, Garbage, Thee Ohsees, Patti Smith, The Replacements and Mavis Staples.
As they continue on there merry path of performing full on and record / record / record, they keep earning rave reviews both from their devoted fans and from the likes of MTV, Vice, NPR Sound Opinions, and on and on.
Alex and Francis of White Mystery are the true definition of all things DIY, down to their rock n’ roll delivery performing live, no matter if it’s an intimate crowd at JBTV, or a show up to the thousands.
By there own definition, it’s “jovial rock n’ roll delivery times ten”.
The show itself at JBTV was full on White Mystery, with Alex on her trusty signature Fireglo Rickenbacker 330 guitar and lead vocal, and Francis mixing it up on drums.
However towards the end of their set, Alex meanders over to Francis’s drum kit, Rickenbacker guitar in tow, playing both the bass drum and guitar, and Francis handling lead vocal and tambourine, which as wild as it seems, is actually riveting to watch live at JBTV.
It’s cool spontaneous things like this that make a White mystery show so memorable.
I for one totally enjoyed their company, and having a chance to do a pose session with them and Jerry Bryant of JBTV.
Another cool moment: at the end of their set, they invited the audience along with Jerry Bryant up on the stage for a quick photo of all who participated. Like one big crazy nutty family.
Love these two – Alex and Francis of White Mystery.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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