Vans Presents Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records / Ministry – Cold Cave

House of Vans Presents “Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records”-
With Performances by Ministry & Cold Cave
In conjunction with Record Store Day- 4/13/19
Wax Trax! Documentary Film Screening, Panel Discussion, and Q&A
A Wax Trax! Pop Up Shop, and Wax Trax! Memorabilia Walls, and the Wax Trax! Sign
From the House of Vans Chicago
Saturday April 13th 2019

Let’s cut to the chase: Al Jourgenson and Miinistry have never sounded better in years, and the setlist heavy on all things Wax Trax! was just so memorable and definitely unforgettable.
The Facebook posts after their first of six shows from Record Store Day in Chicago were oh so positive from the people present to witness this performance: “I’ve seen Ministry many many times, but never had I witnessed a performance such as at House of Vans- a performance for the ages”.
Lost count how many posts I read similar to this one.
And they were right.
Al, happy and smiling, Al being his galvanizing and carnival barking self, the audience going completely bonkers during “So What”, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, “Burning Inside” and “Supernaut”.
Oh the hell with it.
Everyone was bonkers the entire set.
Having a special appearance with Chris Connelly adding vocal for Burning Inside, So What, No Devotion and the closer (Everyday Is) Halloween certainly helped as well.
Such downright awesome camaraderie between the two was incredibly special to watch throughout.
An unforgettable set, brought to you personally as a gift to the Wax Trax! faithful in attendance, by yours truly Al Jourgenson.
When Al’s happy, we all are happy.
Damn was this a splendid time.
The screening for the documentary “Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records”- also never gets old.
And now that it’s finally available on DVD and Blu Ray, along with an iconic soundtrack available on vinyl,  released for Record Store Day, just adds to the celebratory feel throughout, along with a panel discussion and Q&A with Julia Nash, Sean Joyce, Chris Connelly and Franke Nardiello.
All of this leading up to the performances from opener Cold Cave and Ministry.
A packed house from beginning to end, and Wesley Eisold and Amy Lee of Cold Cave delivering a terrific but oh so short set of some of their brilliant songs.
“A Little Death to Laugh” never gets old. Let alone their new song “Promised Land” which is a barnburner of a swinging tune, and of course “People Are Poison”.
Have to say the singing / songwriting of Wesley and Amy is spot on brilliant, in a cozy setting such as House of Vans, even in the unfortunate wait a couple songs into their set to get the projector up and running.
Well worth the wait, with the brilliant stars effect throughout the stage, adding texture and mood the songs presented.
Do you see what I’m getting at?
For the lucky ones getting to witness this event live, from the Wax Trax! screening all the way up to the bands, on Record Store Day no less….an unforgettable and oh so splendid time, definitely not lost on me, and I believe everyone in the room as well.
Long Live Wax Trax! Records, long live Ministry, long live Cold Cave.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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  1. Alina says:

    Bobby, I still can’t put into words how filled my heart was at this entire event, start to finish.. how it fed my soul in the satiating way.. and I go to A LOT of shows (3 just this past weekend!), still this was unprecedented and truly surreal to hear these songs you never thought you’d witness in your life LIVE ever again.. made for a gloriously unforgettable night. Al has a luminous presence of humor and light in what we expect to be ‘dark’, and it was PURE JOY to experience but then I read your words and it’s EVERYTHING.. thanks for the vivid reliving through your masterfully threaded words that take hold the ocular nerves and run.. and of course all it’s intensity in every image gorgeously captured. Well done.

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