JBTV Music Television Chicago
Thursday June 27th 2019

Headlining their first North American tour, and making a stop at JBTV Music Television to perform in our studio, the San Francisco Bay area punk rock band Culture Abuse certainly know how to entertain.
On their debut full length, “Peach”, the band drops hints on every song- power pop melodies  that collide with punk rock grit, with a garage rock swagger that meets hardcore aggression that has to be seen live to be believed.
Obviously they have fun and goof around with themselves a lot, partaking in stage banter during soundcheck that keeps things lively and fresh. Case in point: Lead singer David Kelling testing out the JBTV bullhorn, and generally just having a good old time with some shenanigans.
Lots of stage props abound musically wise, with a shaker to add to the mix, let alone David sampling sounds through a mixer by the drum riser, which during Culture Abuse’s performance, meets it’s inevitable end on the stage floor, twisted and contorted with electrical chords and generally becoming a mess.
Like a true punk rock band and moment.
It’s my conclusion that you can’t pin these guys down, what with the genres of music they love, the uncategorizable live shows, and general misdemeanor behavior which is all fun to photograph.
The Bay areas Culture Abuse- consisting of David Kelling, Ross Traver, Nick Bruder, June Bug and Shane Plitt.
The definition of fun-  and having a grand old time, even in the intimate performance studios of JBTV Music Television Chicago.
Cheers – Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer for JBTV Music Television

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