The Empty Bottle Chicago
Sun 10/20/19

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.
What makes a band special?
Many things.
In my personal view, wishing them the utmost success in development, continuity, and a genuine love and enthusiasm in all things music.
And they don’t take too much for granted.
Case in point with Jason Corbett and his band ACTORS: There’s no encore. After he says his thank you’s and goodbyes for now, he wants to meet everyone at the merch table after the performance.
He literally sprints off the stage, darts through the crowd, and plunks himself near the Empty Bottle pool table, waiting for you to come to him.
And he meets everybody.
I mean everybody.
The same hold true with Shannon Hemmett, Jahmeel Russell and Adam Fink of ACTORS- they may not sprint to the merch table like Jason does, but they do get there, they do commune with the fans and friends of the band like Jason does.
And the same holds true with Bootblacks, also on the bill with ACTORS, and New Canyons as well.
This is simply one big party, even on a Sunday night, and you can’t help but feel good and righteous and complete after witnessing ACTORS and Bootblacks performing live.
Even got some funny photos of Panther from Bootblacks embracing one of the Empty Bottle pumpkins, and just having a grand old time on stage.
Same holds true with Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson of New Canyons and their abbreviated yet entertaining set of new material that they present to the masses.
For this performance, no keyboards onstage, just guitar / bass and vocal, and sounding splendid throughout.
Can’t say enough about these three bands, each time they swing through town, supporting them any way possible, hopefully documenting their performances which will be memorable, and well, just doing right by them.
ACTORS – Bootblacks- they’re brothers to me, along with obviously many others in Chicago.
Too many to list, obviously.
Support and love comes from all corners, that’s for sure, from Scary Lady Sarah (Sarah Rose) and William Faith of the Bellwether Syndicate, along with Phil Destefano of Bellwether as well, Lisa Marchese and Dann Szymczak, Greg Corner, Garrett Vernon of REPLICANT, Steve Jensen, Jennifer Buckley, Patricia Goth, to name a few in attendance.
ACTORS / Bootblacks / New Canyons- the definition of sonic cinematics, and sonic independence. Each band unique in their own way, and yet communal in scope and worthy of your attention.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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