Sunday 10/20/19

Another extraordinary free live show and taping with The Happy Fits, hailing from Clinton, New Jersey.
Kinda a cool story of how The Happy Fits happened to become the Happy Fits, considering their approach to Rock n’ Roll is rather unconventional.
Not the normal three piece of a band, considering that Calvin Langman of the Happy Fits uses an upright cello for his instrument of choice, fastened in such a way with straps on his shoulders to allow for maneuverability.
Fencing champion Ross Monteith and orchestra nerd Calvin Langman didn’t exactly get along in high school. However, a chance conversation about the success of Youtube cover bands brought the two together to pave a road to quick fortune. Their mix of rocking guitars and an electric cello created a unique dynamic, blending their love of rock artists like The Black Keys and folk / punk bands like The Violent Femmes.
working on covers grew tiresome, and an emotional breakup soon inspired them to write their first of many songs together. The resulting music soon produced a youthful and chaotic frenzy of catchy meldies and raw instrumentals. When the band recruited professional gamer Luke Davis to add percussion, the band was suddenly born.
And so now we come full forward to the present, and a stop with The Happy Fits for a live taping and performance at JBTV Music Television, with your truly providing all the necessary documentation.
Their mix of instrumentation with catchy vocals and a sense of inspired indie rock was in full force withe their inspired set at JBTV, even for an early Sunday afternoon.
Touring on the strength of their latest release “Concentrate”, and an the enthusiasm from an intimate crowd at JBTV, have to say this was a splendid show to witness live.
Great bunch of guys too.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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