Strange Affairs Tour 2019
with Chris Connelly and Conformco
Wire in Berwyn IL
Sat 11/9/19

The second of two nights in the Chicagoland area with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult on their “Strange Affairs Tour”, the last date of the tour being at Wire in Berwyn.
Have to say it was truly a special night with Franke and Buzz and the gang, having as a very special guest none other than Chris Connelly added as support, playing solo acoustic, along with Conformco.
As for lighting? Superb throughout, as the pictures in this post will attest to.
This show at Wire in Berwyn was without a doubt one of the most satisfying of all the times I’ve photographed Thrill Kill Kult, more so with none other than Anthony Berrios assisting in extraordinary lighting.
Most of the time in these small clubs, I’m presented with challenges in regards to what’s available lighting wise- mostly subjected to the constant barrage of magenta and blue and bold red hues, and that’s it.
Not the case at Wire.
Striking floor strobes were evident, courtesy of Franke and Buzz of Thrill Kill Kult, and the added luster of solid white strobes from the ceiling above the stage.
The band sounded great and energetic, this being the last date on their “Strange Affairs Tour”.
Always humorous, always campy, always sexy, always ready for wicked time. That’s definitely My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.
Chris Connelly presented the air of coolness with his rather brief and opening set, with nothing more than an acoustic guitar in hand, and his extraordinary vocals.
Simply put, the art of solo storytelling was quite invigorating, again with Anthony adding luster to Chris’s set with striking lighting.
Confomco, with the two mainstays Sean Payne and Chris Harris, along with added percussion from Jesse Hunt, proceeded to barn burn their way through their set as well, with added visuals at the back of the stage providing the usual straightforward admonishment on anything “corporate”.
They definitely have their hearts in the right place.
Overall, a superb evening with some terrific bands and artists, let alone an enthusiastic crowd at Wire on a Saturday night.
Hope you like the pictures as proof to a wonderful evening.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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