Thalia Hall Chicago
Thurs 11/14/19

Darkwave legends Clan of Xymox finally make it to the states in their much anticipated North American Tour, which was unfortunately cut short back in early 2019 because of visa problems.
All a bunch of bullshit in my opinion, and yet one more example at how much i despise the nightmare that is the Trump administration.
But that’s for another time and place, since this is supposed to be a piece on Xymox performing at Thalia Hall Chicago, along with support from The Bellwether Syndicate and Autumn U.S.
As truth be told, and my blog posts a;ways running a bit late, I have to say I have enjoyed the posts on Facebook on their current North American Tour, mostly from William Faith and Sarah Rose of The Bellwether Syndicate, saying repeatedly at almost every stop how much they’ve enjoyed watching Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox killing it each and every night.
Ronny Moorings, the mainstay od Clan of Xymox, still seems to enjoy himself performing for the masses every night, and from what I witnessed at Thalia Hall, the faithful in attendance loved the show just as well, even on a workday night, dancing to song after song.
Have to say the show had the feel of Sarah’s Nocturna, only without Sarah’s wonderful mix of songs to add colorful ambience.
Nevertheless, the overall vibe of delicious darkwave was ever evident.
Opening with “Stranger”, and then into “Your Kiss”, the mood was definitely set on classy Xymox, sophisticated Xymox, cast a spell Xymox.
Of course we heard the melodic beauty of “Louise”, “Muscoviet Musquito”, and “Emily”.
Those songs worth the price of admission alone.
Ronny Moorings, supported by Sean Goebel on synths, Mario Usai on bass and Daniel Hoffman of programming, the sounds of Xymox performing live had a determined way about them, nothing tarnished, even without the aid of a live drummer.
Have to say it still is a special treat to see Ronny and Clan of Xymox performing live, and also at Thalia Hall Chicago.
Same holds true with William Faith and his band The Bellwether Syndicate- even with an abbreviated set, and the aid of no live drummer, Sarah Rose, Philly Peroxide and Paul Sin proceeded to trailblaze like they always do: William low key and debonair / classy / sophisticated until of course the closing song in their set “The Trauma Coil”, and well- all hell breaks loose, with William prowling the stage like a praying mantis, and Sarah providing the necessary distorted guitar feedback to give the song that extra wallop.
As for lighting- most grateful to the staff and lighting director at Thalia Hall, making all the bands looking great when I was photographing throughout.
Julie Plante, Jeff Leyda and Neil McKay of Autumn U.S., also held their own as the show openers, providing a short but oh so passionate set, with Julie convincing and riveting as always providing lead vocal, and Neil McKay as spellbinding as always with brilliant guitar riff and brilliant guitar riff.
Jeff Leyda, fine and dandy on all things low end and comforting bass.
So that was a blast.
Three awesome bands to soothe the soul on a Thursday night at Thalia Hall.
Hope you enjoy the pictures everyone.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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