Disease of the Anima North American Tour
with openers Bad Omens
House of Blues Chicago
Wednesday 10/16/19

All That Remains, hailing from Springfield MA.
A solid band, with a solid approach to writing and performing.
All That Remains: Philip Labonte on vocals, Mike Martin on guitar, Aaron Patrick on bass, Jason Costa on drums, and Jason Richardson on guitar.
As Mike Martin explains the new release “Victim of the New Disease”, from 2018- “There’s something for everybody. It’s just about writing solid songs. It’s our philosophy, our approach. To be flat out honest, all I want for people to walk away from our shows or records feeling better. If they’re bummed out, they come to a show, and they leave feeling good,that’s great. I hope someone hears a song and feels even better than they did before it started. That’s who we are”. Philip also was quoted in the above.
A shared philosophy for a cohesive and fruitful journey.
Have to say their performance was full on/ guitar trailblazing heavy.
As for Lacuna Coil, co share headliners on the bill: through personnel changes and also personal tragedies, and touring on the strength of their new release “Black Anima”, featured heavily in their performance, the gothic metal sounds are intact, the vocals as sonic as ever from Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, leaving not much waste in there hour or so long set.
The band Lacuna Coil now consists of Marco Coti Zelati on bass, Diego “Didi” Cavalotti on gutars, and Richard Meiz on drums.
Truly inspiring seeing Lacuna Coil perform live, relishing their true and honest and sincere delivery.
Cristina’s upper range is intact as ever, the costumes very dark as all get out,
Cristina states that the word “Anima” is the Italian word for “soul”, making the title’s translation ‘black soul”.
The music to “Black Anima” is definitely heavier and darker than previous releases, most likely stemming from a multitude of things- a change in guitar players and drums in the band for example, and some personal losses in Cristina’s family.
As from Andrea Ferro: ” It’s a very complex record with a lot of different flavors. We experimented a lot on the lyrics about growing up, about our personal lives, experiencing loss or other things you get to know in your mature age. We felt a connection with people that aren’t with us anymore, so we decided to talk about this connection that we feel beyond life”.
and so it goes, with Lacuna Coil, spirits intact, and an honest and forthright approach to there vision and there sound.
Openers Bad Omens, a metalcore band hailing from Richmond Virginia, brought there mighty might in a rather brief set, with frontman Noah Sebastian ever present, ever so confident, despair in vocals and songwriting with blistering guitar accompaniment Nicholas Ruffilo intact and tidy.
A worthy set from these guys to start the show.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine- Music Photographer

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