Also with Crash Course in Science and The Hecks
Outside The Empty Bottle
Saturday 2/22/20


The Empty Bottle’s annual event in the heart of the winter, to snap away the winter doldrums, called Music Frozen Dancing, happening as always directly outside of The Bottle, on the corner of Cortez and Western.
This year, 6 cool bands are on the bill.
I got there in time for The Hecks, and Crash Course in Science, and the highlight for me- HIDE.
Now having HIDE on the bill is awesome, and yet, something they’re probably not accustomed to: that is playing in the late afternoon on a partly sunny day.
Having seen HIDE perform quite a few times now, at The Bottle, at Cold Waves, opening for the Soft Moon- all these events showcase the way HIDE usually likes to perform, with heavy duty and shocking strobes, accompanied with heavy fog, and a blistering PA.
This is the reason why I’m here folks- to photograph HIDE in a new setting, with lots of daylight, with an abbreviated set to fit the day festival.
So, there’s no strobe lights. There’s no fog. There is a decent PA though. And the stage is tight and cozy, facing directly west, into the sun, which was well out for The Hecks, and also for Crash Course in Science.
And the temperature outside for Music Frozen Dancing? Not what you’d expect for mid February- up and approaching around the mid forties.
So when HIDE hits the stage at 4:45, it’s as if the sun knows what’s going on, and who’s about to perform.
Clouds form, obstructing the sun, and the mood is set for this performance with Seth Sher on all variety of samples and whatnot, and of course Heather Gabel handling vocals front and center.
So here we are on a Saturday afternoon, and HIDE still come out guns blazing, with a take no prisoners, don’t give a fuck approach.
Music still bone rattling, Heather still the performance of truly no equal, cloaked in a black coat, a black skull cap, heavy military boots, and wicked black makeup, all disjarred and unruly.
This is the makings of a riveting set, not fitting the mood of the other acts, and HIDE being HIDE, take it or leave it.
After about 4 songs, Heather undoes her coat, and trailblazes the rest of the set with nothing more than black bra and black panties, but with the added feature of garbage bags cut and shaped over the two piece, which leaves you shocked at the display of it all, and Heather not giving a shit, like the performance artist of yore Karen Finley, who was brazen and so forthright in her approach to performance.
Seth and Heather of HIDE are fearless.
Their set was short but to the point, the crowd polite, and taking it all in.
HIDE are not for the faint hearted, even for a festival such as Music Frozen Dancing.
I’m not going to mince words here, or cover up anything with bullshit, because I adore HIDE, the way they approach performing, and the importance of their message.
Have to say in my opinion, they obliterated all expectations performing at this festival, made it there own, made it something memorable.
This was the reason I was there, no offense to the other bands on the bill, who were charming and fun in there own unique way.
But weeks in advance, this show with HIDE made me curious, and wondering how they were going to pull this off in the middle of a bill in the middle of the afternoon.
Heather’s gut punch vocals and visual display are still intact. Seth’s brazen backbeats and samples are still pulse pounding and ever evident in this performance.
Before you know it, their set is over, as abbreviated as it was, still so memorable in regards to their vision of industrial apocalypse.
As for Crash Course in Science- still as quirky cool as ever. Formed back in 1979 believe it or not, Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yargo and Michael Zodorozny still continue to experiment and treat the post punk synth beats with a cool vibe, all taking turns switching instruments and fronting the stage.
A fun set with a fun band.
Same can be said for The Hecks, who performed in there winter multi colored ski suit onesies, and, when you think of it, must’ve been hot in their suits considering the temperature outside.
Having said all that- I’m still in amazement with Seth and Heather of HIDE, and having pulled it off with an extraordinary set at Music Frozen Dancing.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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