JBTV Music Television in Chicago
Thurs 4/4/19

JBTV Music Television Presents: The band Failure, with a special live performance and show taping from back in early April 2019.
As our introduction so eloquently put it back when the live taping was announced: “The founding force and career- long creative core of Failure consisted of multi- instrumentalists Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards, a 90’s songwriting team practically unrivaled within the claustrophobic confines of post- grunge American rock. The two constantly switched guitar and bass duties in the studio while Andrews took lead vocal duties on the group’s three recordings, with Edwards being credited with having come up with most of Failure’s lyrics.
Unbound to any generation, scene or movement, Failure consistently have built upon an enduring catalog of inventive and inimitable and intriguing albums, as relevant today as they will be tomorrow.
With Kellii Scott adding his expertise on drums, Failure have inhabited a universe of their own, earning a solid fan base and constant praise from reviewers, music hounds and fans alike.
In keeping with this spirit, and what brought them to JBTV a day before their show at House of Blues Chicago, is the promotion and tour for their latest release “In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind”- In essence released as four EP’s, and then finally under one album.
It pushes the sound of Failure in challenging new spaces, and the songs definitely grow on you with repeated listens.
These guys are sonic perfectionists, even at such a small and intimate setting such as JBTV Music Television in Chicago.
The soundcheck was precise and seamless, ironing out their sound that’s pleasing to their ears. And once that’s complete, the audience gets the reward along with the band.
Even at JBTV, drummer Kellii Scott had the use of dampening shields left and right of the drumkit and along the mics to kill the bleed- which just goes to show how much this band cares about live performance, to adhere as close as possible to an actual live studio recording as one can get.
The cinematic sheen and scope of the songs was ever evident, and captivating to the core.
Failure’s brand of quality art rock demands your undivided attention, and just goes to show how sincere they are in their delivery, making even a live taping and performance from JBTV oh so memorable.
Kudos to Ken, Greg and Kellii, who deliver awesomeness time and time again.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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