LAMB OF GOD & ANTHRAX- from Slayer’s Farewell Tour

LAMB OF GOD & ANTHRAX- from Slayer’s Farewell Tour
Slayer’s Farewell Tour 2018
Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre
Tinley Park IL
Fri 5/25/18

Lamb of God & Anthrax- two more heavy hitters on a bill with heavy hitters when this tour back in 2018 was full tilt / relentless awesome.
For Slayer, bringing these bands on the bill throughout North America- it’s a glorious legacy that’s for sure, and for the fans, it’s a dream ticket of awesomeness and as wicked as all get out.
As for Anthrax, which seems like they’ve been around forever, everybody in the outdoor shed in Tinley Park knows what to expect from these out of control New Yorkers.
Anthrax is a band that knows the definition of full tilt velocity – wound up tight like a spring, then unload and un- spring relentlessly.
Structure wise, many of their best known songs resemble short and to the point anthems of cheerleader-esque velocity, which is not a dig in the least- just a verifiable example of a formula that works consistently, providing excitement / get your ass out of seat punishing glory from the get go.
Marching from ones side of the stage to the other, guitarist Ian and bassist Frank Bello appear to be in partnership to stomp the shit out of the stage, while lead singer Joey Belladonna struts and runs from stage left to stage right, continually, never taking a break until the bitter end of their set.
Anthrax provides a seven song setlist in all its punishing glory, ensuring up to their sets conclusion a standing ovation that is thunderous in all its foot stomping glory.
Next up on the bill is the mighty Lamb of God, with the volume levels noticeably raised to amp up the metal angst, as the audience relishes this and responds in kind throughout their set.
Every time I see this band, they become more fiendish and tight, upping the ante in presentation and physical might.
Lead singer Randy Blythe proceeds to obliterate the stage before Slayer’s headlining set, with a nine song setlist this is equal in the punishment and head banging fury.
Clearly established as one of the current crop of metal bands that are worthy of your attention, they do what they do best, as the third song in their set is evident with “Walk With Me In Hell”, sounding as devastating now as it did 10 years ago, with Randy Blythe elevating himself off his front risers to unforeseen heights time and time and time again.
Only goes to show that the adrenaline rush provided when singing these songs full tilt provide the necessary endorphins to exclude whatever pain and punishment is felt to his ankles and feet after their show.
So there ya go- two bands right before Slayer’s set that know how to provide the metal fury and bowl the crowd over Sherman Tank style and leave you drained but utterly satisfied.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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