Opening for Courtney Barnett
Taste of Chicago – Petrillo Music Shell from Grant Park Chicago
Wed 7/10/19


Sunflower Bean at Taste of Chicago, from last July in Grant Park- this is a band making waves from coast to coast, drawing on a wealth of lo- fi and chill sounds, and sounding sophisticated in performance and polished that’s wise beyond their years.
Julia Cumming (Vox/ Bass), Nick Kivlen (Vox/ Guitar), and Jacob Faber (Drums) have written over the past couple years some catchy songs, and the one that introduced me to the band more than any other is “Easier Said”, which I first heard on Sirius XM’s Download 15 with Julia Cunningham- a show on Saturday’s that consists of the 15 most downloadable songs of the week.
Yes, they played it in their set at the Taste, and even live, the song retains its mellow and catchy vibe, courtesy of Julia’s low key vocals and catchy bass playing.
The band clearly have fun playing live, even while performing before a mellow late afternoon crowd that’s awaiting the headliner Courtney Barnett.
The band has songs that are tight in the grooves and yet empowering to boot- and even with an abbreviated set, they take advantage of it with star presence and and lots of energy to give everyone a lift.
Sunflower Bean has the kinda music that sticks in your head for all the best reasons, converting you to investigate further, and seek out more of their music.
This is what I like about discovering new music week in and week out- you catch bands like Sunflower Bean while they’re still getting their feet wet, already showing oodles confidence and showmanship, knowing full well that this band has enough sauce between them to create lots and lots more music, all the while knowing full well that I for one can’t wait to see them perform live, let alone headlining their own shows.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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