Chicago Theatre
Friday 7/27/18

Erasure’s World Be Gone Tour from back in 2018- thought I’d get around to finally finishing the edit on this.
Don’t get me wrong- I love Andy and Vince of Erasure, their charming aesthetic and presentation, their care to musicianship and lifting up the masses to make things a party, even on a hot summer night in Chicago.
But i’ve been discouraged with this edit of my images, and what we were up against as photographers: shooting one song from the soundboard, and then shooting a couple from stage left/ audience right along the aisle, as is the Chicago Theatre’s policy.
I can tolerate that to a point- but the issue was Erasure’s lighting throughout most of the show- heavy on the blues, heavy on the magentas throughout most of the show.
That’s what’s discouraging, and the painstaking time to get the images just right, even from a distance of 50 to 60 feet from the back of the house, to at least get some solid images of Vince and Andy together.
Having said that, the overall show was inspiring and invigorating, as you’d expect from all Erasure shows.
And as for Erasure’s World Be Gone Tour, taking place in pristine listening halls such as the Chicago Theatre- that just adds to the luster for the whole memorable evening.
There’s a lot of secrets to Erasure’s success: you’ve got plenty of charm between Vince and Andy, you’ve got “Helllllo Broadway!” arms outstretched celebratory panache, and you’ve got Andy, when all else fails – “Just dip your head in a bucket of glitter”.
Gotta love that- the idea of a flashy surprise, and I wouldn’t put it past him if push comes to shove, to shouts and rabid applause, and one photographer in particular who would crave to document that moment.
Vince and Andy have a thoughtful and serene side to their overall costumes and performances, reflecting a debonair Vince, dressed up in a sharp suit on a riser in an illuminated box above Andy surrounded by synths, and of course Andy, head to toe in a tattooed long sleeve t shirt, with a suit coat on top of that.
Andy draws attention, like any accomplished frontman should, and of course Vince, discreetly and always kind of out of view, but in view, if you know what I mean.
And both to this day, are comfortable with their roles, and what they bring to the table time and time again.
Erasure’s World Be Gone Tour is an unstoppable hour and a half to two hours full of powerhouse songs from front to back, with always entertaining interjections, with charming honesty and plenty of sparkle.
I could delve deep into song selection, the setlist, and on and on- but I won’t.
The reason being is because if you’re an Erasure fan- you already know. You already know front to back in what to expect, and you relish that- the beauty of Vince and Andy of Erasure.
For those that don’t, and are finding out about Erasure for the first time, or on the peripheral- well- start your own investigation.
It should be your own discovery- their catalog of nuggets is so huge and vast.
And it’s abundantly clear that even back in 2018, to the present day in the midst of this godawful pandemic, they haven’t lost their edge, their compositions to new material, and especially their charm.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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