Live at JBTV Music Television Chicago
Monday 7/15/19

From Los Angeles California.
Badflower- consisting of Josh Katz, lead vocal and guitar, Alex Espiritu on bass, Joey Morrow on lead guitar and Anthony Sonetti on drums.
Something happens unpredictably when Josh Katz of Badflower hits the stage and steps up to the microphone. Doesn’t matter if its arenas, outdoor sheds, small venues, large venues, or even the intimate and cozy stage of Chicago’s JBTV Music Television.
Josh Katz transforms himself when onstage, becoming primal, becoming passionate, fueled by emotions and intensity that the music he creates brings forth.
Even he will say it: “The superhero version of me takes over and comes out in the songs”.
“When I’m writing or performing, I go to this place that reflects the most emotional point I’ve hit at that moment. A lot of what’s being written is anger, lust, heartbreak, and all of the bullshit”.
Fusing the personal and edgy lyricism of Linkin Park, with the driving rock instrumentation of Rise Against, Badflower is the real deal.
Their latest release “OK, I’m Sick”, has been featured in publications such as Consequence of Sound, Kerrang, and New Music Magazine.
This is clearly a band with a reckoning, tapping into grungy gutter guitar rock with an emphasis on string melody, and a showmanship amongst the four that is addictive and pervasive.
Even for the stage of JBTV, they came with their vertical strobe lights, placed towards the back of the stage, and made this performance at JBTV just as special as any live performance they give on their current North American tour with headliners Shinedown.
Badflower- a crushing live performance, 7 songs and all, and a show at JBTV that’s one for the books.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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