with Seedy Films and Tandem Jump
Featuring Art Installation by Rich Jacobs
House of Vans Chicago
Saturday 7/27/19

Saturday night The Rapture played for House of Vans, who let them curate a show with artist Rich Jacobs, Manono Records artists Tandem Jump and Seedy Films who both happen to have in their bands Luke Jenner of The Rapture.
In regards to opener Tandem Jump, Luke is on keyboards and vocal.
In regards to Seedy Films, Luke plays drums and some backing vocal.
So as you can tell, Luke Jenner is a man who wears many hats.
And since we’re on the subject of hats, when appearing onstage with Tandem Jump, Luke is wearing a vintage Pittsburgh Pirates hat, along with a Keith Haring designed New York T shirt.
Luke is not that bad on Keyboards, and the same as well behind the drum kit.
That the audience members who happen to arrive early exactly know what the hell is going on- that’s a different story.
They were ready to dance, and it turns out they did just that during the interim DJ sets between the acts up to the headliners The Rapture.
But still, there’s a snarly and sexy charm to seedy Films, who describe themselves as “Whimsical Punk”, each band member taking turns on lead vocal, and presenting a brash “I don’t care” attitude to everything that they do performing live.
And then onto The Rapture, who for this photographer are missed dearly.
An American dance / rock / play anything from New York kinda band, with plenty of hooks, plenty of beats, and plenty of charm to dish out in person, led by guitarist / vocalist Luke Jenner, who happens to be wearing a shirt by curated artist of the evening, Rich Jacobs.
This is by all definitions an art event, a music event, a dance your ass off event.
Harmonized choruses are a signature sound for The Rapture, mixing many genres and influences into their musical soup, everything from dance- punk, post- punk, some acid house, a bit of disco, a bit of electronica here and there.
All of these elements work seamlessly into their set, providing a lively and accomplished performance for such an intimate and awesome venue as House of Vans Chicago.
Luke Jenner and company know how to throw a party, right up to their last song “How Deep Is Your Love?”, from their fourth album “In the Grace of Your Love”, by far one of their catchiest and danciest songs ever.
Have to say the set was fantastic, especially on a summer weekend night in Chicago, surrounded by awesome people, fellow photographers and staff.
The House of Vans Chicago, along with The Rapture, equals something special.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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