Metal Injection & Tone Deaf Touring Present:
Thalia Hall Chicago
Thursday August 29, 2019

Orange Goblin, doing a rather intimate tour of the states, and Chicago is lucky enough to be included on this small itinerary.
In a nutshell, even without their original member and drummer Chris Turner not allowed in the states because of the crap with Visa issues and “Administrative Processing”, and having to find a fill in drummer oh so last minute in Chad Walls- things actually proceeded with barn burning intensity, as well as it should.
But make no mistake in regards to frontman Ben Ward and Orange Goblin in particular:
This is the sound of a band that have been together well over twenty years. It’s the sound of a band that don’t give a fuck about modern day trends and what the “cool” kids are listening to these days. It’s the sound of Orange Goblin digging really deep into their well of inspiration.
Ben Ward and orange Goblin bring the might, and bring the fury of unaltered heavy heavy metal.
Orange Goblin bring blood and thunder to the masses.
Orange Goblin- a band that worships Black Sabbath and Motorhead, but wear their tried and true version of all things “Metal” and truly make it sound their own.
And tonight at Chicago’s Thalia Hall, they proved their worth yet again.
Openers were Weedeater, a fuzzed out wicked underbelly metal band from Wilmington North Carolina, who live by the motto “We do what we can’t”, making you as a listener questioning everything that you just witnessed with these guys performing live.
All well and good, but man- what the fuck just happened with this trio of god knows what?
Again, begging the question with a question on how to classify these guys, which is obvious that you can’t.
Openers The Skull, featuring original Trouble member vocalist Eric Wagner, alongside longtime former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner, with guitarist Lothar Keller, who bring back the sound of American doom metal, and punctuates their heavy sound showcasing atmospheric and gnarly instrumentals worthy of early Richie Blackmore and Deep Purple.
Tight as all get out, even for such a short and rather abbreviated set.
A great triple bill at the awesome Thalia Hall in Pilsen Chicago.
Cheers – Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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