JBTV Music Television Chicago
Friday April 6th 2018

The ever so talented Erika Wennerstrom graced our intimate stage at JBTV- to deliver some songs live and in person from her recent solo release “Sweet Unkown”.
As Erika describes her solo album a “freeing experience”, leaving briefly the confines of her successful band Heartless Bastards, The solo release forced Erika to be a little bit more exposed and to stand on her own two feet. It’s easy to feel comfortable in a band as popular as the Heartless Bastards, but it’s scary to venture out on your own, and just be yourself.
It’s obvious from the strength of the songwriting that Erika has grown creatively and personally.
At JBTV for an intimate performance which forces you to be front and center- Erika is strong and confident, adorned in a bright blue suit, and with a whipsmart band to back her up.
This was a performance with heart and soul.
As for me, having singer / songwriters such as Erika Sennerstrom grace our stage at JBTV makes it so timeless and unforgettable, even through the soundcheck and pose photography before she took the stage.
You’ve got to relish moments like this- always.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Chief Photographer at JBTV Music Television

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