Opening for She Wants Revenge
Lincoln Hall Chicago
Thurs 12/19/19

Jack Armondo, otherwise known as Panic Priest, provides support for She Wants Revenge at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.
Usually when I see and photograph Jack, he’s solo when performing as Panic Priest.
On this special night, he has on keyboards and synths Molly Snax, providing additional accompaniment for Jack’s multi layered guitar histrionics and samples.
Have to say this more than frees up Jack to add more to his visual presence, also giving his band more layers to fill up the Panic Priest sound.
Even though his set on Thursday night was rather brief, clocking in around 35 minutes, he still left us with a presence of what is shaping as far as the Panic Priest sound.
Jack considers himself a “Dark Crooner”, which I can’t argue with- his voice is the centerpiece of all things Panic Priest.
But he’s much more than that, in regards to quality of sound from his 12 string electric guitar, his background samples that provide  the foundation of his songs when performing live, and the added keyboards from Molly as well.
On and all, having witnessed Panic Priest performing live some half a dozen times now, have to say Jack keeps on developing his sound, his singing / songwriting, and also his attire when hitting the mic to perform in front of an audience.
Have to say everything about Jack and Panic Priest is still spot on death, sex and  doomed romance, all with a sense of flair and panache.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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