Lincoln Hall
Thurs 12/19/19

Okay lets cut to the chase in regards to Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge, and what they think their music’s about: As their description says on Facebook no less: “Sounds like Winter. Feels like the first kiss…”.
Well as apt as that might be, there’s more to the picture than that quote.
When on the road, She Wants revenge are definitely minimalists.
What’s basically needed?
A rental sedan with a decent size hatch in the back, guitars, some synths, and mics, and that’s about it.
Everything else is rented or shared at the specific venue they stop at, with openers The Guidance sharing the drumkit.
But make no mistake- She Wants Revenge are spot on when performing live, even for a rather short and abbreviated North American Tour with a stop in Chicago at Lincoln Hall.
The set?
Technically devoted to their second album “This Is Forever”, and the intoxicating sounds from “Written in Blood”, a song with serious swing accompanied by the mesmerizing vocal of Justin Warfield, and of course midway through the song, some percolating cowbell.
The show steamrolls on from there, a black themed dance of sorts with dark wave sounds and mood front and center.
It boggles the mind how simple their load in was prior to performing, how quick and easy to soundcheck, and then proceed onwards and upwards for such a cool and amazing show.
The lighting, courtesy of Lincoln Hall?
Superb, with dark and moody colors permeating throughout the show to set the mood for the faithful.
Splendid, splendid, splendid, my thoughts on She Wants Revenge, let alone rebel rousers The Guidance who opened the show, as a two piece, and making quick use of the main floor of Lincoln Hall, with Stefan Pruett technically setting up residence there, making it a raucous dance party for literally three quarters of the show.
That in itself made The G

uidance an unforgettable experience, even for a Thursday night in Chicago.
Cheers- Bobby Talamine – Music Photographer

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